Companion flights are made for a variety of people. These clients have no medical needs and are primarily independent of personal needs assistance. Situations which precipitate a flight of this manner are:  

A minor child escorted from one parent/guardian/relative to another, including flights that are restricted by airline policies such as the requirement for a non-stop flight from departure city to destination, or minimum age restrictions. We will accompany your young child(ren) and act as a liaison for custody transfers, vacation and holiday exchanges, etc.

An adult or member of an elderly person's family may choose this service if they feel due to age, they or their family member should have an escort to help them deal with the confusion of negotiating airport terminals, airline and/or airplane transfers, luggage, etc. This provides a level of comfort for our client and/or their family which decreases the levels of stress that can be felt by all during travel times.

The airline carrier for this type of flight determines luggage amount. Standard amount is one carry-on, two large check-in bags, and one of the following backpack, purse, laptop, or briefcase.

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